“Let the Children come to Me” – A Reflection By Celine Kelly, Everest’s Girls Formation Director

You can hear the patter of dozens of little feet scurrying to the Girls’ School Chapel, at 8:05am, as soon as the invitation is heard over the intercom to come visit Jesus, our Best Friend. This visit is not routine but involves a free choice for each child, in Pre-School through 8th Grade, to offer those first moments of the day to God. This provides an opportunity for our students to develop a more personal relationship with Christ.

In the Chapel, little eager faces look up at Jesus, on the Cross and in the Eucharist and the children’s personal petitions flow: “for the Pope -so that people will listen to him today”, “for my grandma who is sick”, “for my big brother in Iraq”, “for vocations”, “so we can sell our house”, “so our President will make good choices”, “for all the world”… Our Lady smiles down and showers special graces for the day’s work and play, as the children end their visit, singing “Immaculate Mary” or some other beautiful Marian Hymn.

There are also many more spontaneous visits throughout the day, sometimes to stay back a few minutes to give thanks after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, other times to share a moment of recess with Jesus, or to pray for a special family or personal intention, or even, from time to time, to run to tell my Best Friend about a sad moment, a worry, to pray for success in an exam.

You can encourage your children to make these optional visits so as to strengthen them for the future. All too soon they will fly from the nest… in college, as young adults, they will surely be challenged in their faith.

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