Science & Social Studies Come To Life For Our 4th Grade Girls!

The 4th grade girls have been studying electricity and circuits in Science this quarter.  In Social Studies they have been studying Michigan history.  In a cross-curricular activity the girls are building replicas of Michigan lighthouses that will actually light up!  Each group chose a lighthouse to model and then brought in recycled materials to begin building their lighthouse. They used hot glue to attach the pieces together and then paper mache to cover before painting their final creation.  By connecting to a battery pack hidden in the pizza box base, the girls attached electrical wire which travels up the inside of the lighthouse to a small light at the top. The girls worked so hard on this project and their lighthouses will be on display for you to enjoy.

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  1. Christine

    The one with the leaves looks awesome!- Chris. L.

    The lighthouse with the tree is cool!- Emily B.

    OOOOH, could you make one for us and send it to us in Indiana?- Mady B.

    All of them are awesome!- Luke S.

    The Brown Spotted one looked cool!- Kyle K.

    The Brown one looks amazing.-Andrew A.

    As you can see the 2nd grade class thought it was very spectacular- Great job girls! I wish we could see them light up.

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