National Reading Month Sparks Competition in Everest Middle School

The Everest Academy middle school boys are taking part in a reading competition during the month of March, which is National Reading Month. This is the third consecutive year that the boys have taken part in the Everest News Reading Competition which is sponsored by the Boys Middle School newspaper, The Everest News.  The competition offers students various individual incentives including gift certificates to sporting goods stores or bookstores for reading the highest number of pages during the month of March. The entire middle school has been challenged to read over 50,000 pages during this month, and in return for their success, they will receive some time out of the classroom in the form of a half-day intramural baseball tournament with grilled hot dogs and picnic-style food this coming spring.

Sixth grade student, Tyler Rozwadowski commented about the competition, “I think the reading competition is a great way to get people to read, and best of all, you can win prizes just for reading!” Fellow classmate Bradley Mansour said, “The reading competition is really cool. I wish we had done this every year.” The excitement, however, is not limited to the younger middle school students. The eighth graders who have now taken part in the competition in each year since its inception are equally excited. “We still get excited every year when Mr. Reichert announces the competition,” stated eighth grader Owen McMahon. “It’s one motivation that really gets every student in the class to do extra reading beyond the regular schoolwork.”

During the competition, each boy is attempting to read at least 300 pages at his individual reading level as monitored by his teachers. The boys are expected to keep daily reading logs that are signed by their parents to monitor pages read. The competition draws to a close at the end of the day on March 31.

A BIG “thank you” to Mr. Reichert for organizing this competition!
Stay tuned….we will announce the winners right here on the Everest Blog!

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  1. Tyler Rozwadowski

    Your awesome Mr. Reichert! (Too bad your not a teacher anymore)

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