“My Favorite Tuesday Classes”

Mary-Grace is in Everest’s Middle School Journalism Club. Her article below is a very well written account of her favorite Tuesday classes. Good job Mary-Grace, keep up the GREAT writing!!!

Art is one of my favorite Tuesday classes. In art we are required to do three religious projects (the last one was a card with a Saint on it). Currently we are doing abstract. In abstract paintings one can express one’s every mood – however subtle. In art one cannot lie, one cannot pretend she is feeling something she isn’t. I love art classes with Ms. Smith at Everest.

Another one of my favorite subjects is Latin. In seventh grade I was introduced to the language as well as the history of Pompeii. When I learned about this course I thought “why am I learning a dead language?” But it’s more like history and I discovered it is easy to catch on to and extremely interesting. That’s why Latin made my esteemed top three list of favorite Tuesday classes.

Science is another one of my special Tuesday favorites. In science we learned about kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, et cetera.  Now we are reviewing invertebrates and sponges. The more one learns the more natural questions get answered leaving one with a sensation of majestic discovery. I think this is one of the reasons I love science.

Photos by, Claire Lasceski (MS JRN Club)

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