“Pure mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas.” ~ Albert Einstein


On February 24th and March 3rd the middle school students in Michigan Math League (MML), participated in a state wide competition.  The math club advisors, Ms. Bobrowiecki and Mr. DeLisle, would like thank all the students that participated in the contest.  They would also like to congratulate the top three contestants from each grade level (see below).  These students will be receiving a certificate of merit at the end of the school year.  Our next contest will be on May 5th.  Great job everyone! 

Girls School
Elizabeth Allard
Mary Allard
Kimmy Suran
Jessica Caruso
Monika Reaume
Kylie Johnston
Paulina Czarnecki
Andrea Massai
Emma Taylor

Boys School
Vefa Avci
Ryan Bradley
Noah Beauchamp

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